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Avalanche Awareness Week

Feb 11, 2023

The Friends of the Sawtooth Avalanche Center is excited to be hosting our second, annual Avalanche Awareness Week this February.

The month of February has consistently held the scary statistic of being the deadliest month for avalanches in the United States. Sure, we can analyze and speculate as to why that is. But this fact most importantly highlights the need for all of us to remain vigilant, and practice with all our tools we have for backcountry risk mitigation. This is the intention behind creating the Avalanche Awareness Week. Throughout the week starting February 25th, we will be hosting many different events for all of us to jump out the complacency which creeps in late winter and once the temperatures start to warm.

Earn the chance to win some brand new K2 skis and other prizes by practicing with your rescue tools: beacon, shovel and probe. Snap a pic of yourself practicing, tag us on social media, and you will be entered into our Avalanche Awareness Week raffle. You can also join us for our Community Beacon Practice on Baldy and Dollar Mountains on February 25th!

There are so many events packed into this week. Continue to check back for details on the line up of events and dates/locations. We will post individual events on our events page here on the website, as well as on our social media pages. Follow us there using #sawtoothavy